A darkness has arrived over Faerun, the Darkness, the One Foretold, the Destroyer of Worlds, the Hunger, the Shuddering One, the One Who Whispers, the Shadow in the Void, the Dark Between the Stars, and the Unspeakable One. It is a world-eater and enemy of the Light, a being of unimaginable evil. As it approaches reality frays as time and space unravel, weakening the laws governing what is possible and what is not. These are dark times foretold by the oracles and prophets, shouted by preachers on their pulpits, and raved about by madmen in the street. Unrest, suffering, doom, and decline spread from the Shadow that creeps across the mortal world. It seeks to corrupt whatever it touches, twisting it to evil ends, fomenting madness, and quickening the doom this being demands. The resulting chaos has seen horrors long forgotten to rise up from their tombs to roam the lands. As bad as things are, all is not yet lost. Exceptional men and women have a chance to delay or possibly avert the looming disaster. These peoples, from all across the lands, come together in the world’s hour of need to be its champions, its defenders, and, perhaps, its saviors. Age of Darkness is a face-to-face RPG played with 5th Edition rules.

Sessions: 43
Hours at the table: 191
Days in game: 1 year, 312 days

Dark Age

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