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DA 174

The group met while serving as a road patrol for Duke Antor Grase. Their contract up, the Duke sponsored their charter as a Bravo Company. Besides the usual starting gear, the PCs each have a basic set of winter clothing (they can spend money to upgrade), and their company fund has 50gp. They begin in Daggerford.

I. Hammer 174
1st: The Company, calling themselves the Brotherhood of the Light, sets off for Secomber; upon leaving Daggerford Darion encounters, and adopts Edmund, and eight-year-old refugee boy.
5th: The Brotherhood is attacked in its night camp by a pack of night wolves. Sol, Syn, Braxiss, and Tobias are badly injured.
7th: The Brotherhood arrives in Secomber.
8th: The Brotherhood takes on the mission from the Mayor of Secomber.The Brotherhood sets off onto the High Moors, realize they had water issues, nd return to Secomber.
9th: The Brotherhood sets off again, spot hanged men in a grove.
11th: The Brotherhood enters the hellwrought lands, and find an entrance into a underground ruins. They begin clearing the ruins, wiping out a forward outpost of the (Kobold) White Horn tribe, and locating the remains of one of the missing bravos. The fighting is hard, and wounds are common.
12th: After a long rest, the Brotherhood presses on. They slay the white dragon wrymling Calcryx, and then storm the heart of the Deathtree Clan's holdings. In heavy fighting, every Brother is wounded except Tanston. Tanston wounds five fellows by friendly fire during the fight. The Brotherhood fights its way to the heart of the ruins, where they found a mad druid ad a corrupt tree. Tobias secures Gatecloser, an artifact morningstar. They haul the bodies of the deceased bravos to Secomber for a decent burial.
15th: The Brotherhood reaches Secomber.
20th: The Brotherhood encounters a road toll run by The Guild. Tobias wrangles safe passage for the refugees already gathered.
25th: The Brotherhood reaches Daggerford. There they encounter Muradin's cousin, Ermirig, son of Orpal, who is a huckster of the first degree. They invest two thousand gold in two of his schemes: the wagon project and secure storage. Tobias buys into the jewel and artwork combine.

II. Alturiak
1st: The Brotherhood sets off by ship for Luskan.
6th: The Brotherhood arrives in Luskan and begin trying to make contact with the North Guard.
7th: The party makes contact wit the North Guard. 
8th: The Brotherhood sets off for Mirabar.
21st: Bad weather dogs the Brotherhoods trip, but they finally reach the area of Mirabar.
22nd: The Brotherhood undertakes a mission for the North Guard to clear a route for  escape. Along the way they capture hippogriff eggs and hatchlings. Once finished with the job, they head back to Luskan, taking a pack lizard they captured with them.
23rd: Virren summons his Wolf companion, Redzeg Haniels.

III. Ches
2nd: The Brotherhood arrives at Luskan.
3rd: They catch ship for Waterdeep.
8th: They arrive in Waterdeep, where they trade the eggs and carefully-nurtured hatchlings for three hippogriffs.
9th: The Brotherhood sets sail for Luskan.
17th: They arrive in Luskan. Sol steals the purse of a member of the Northern Guard.
18th: The Brotherhood sets off to investigate the lost smith's hold.
30th: The Brotherhood reach the area of Mirabar.

IV. Tarsakh
1st: The Brotherhood connects with a Northern Guard guide and heads into the  Worlds Spine.
3rd: The Brotherhood reaches the area of Blasingdell, and their guide turned back.
4th: A dwarf falls from the sky to his death near the Brotherhood's night camp. This arouses less interest than one might think.
5th: The Brotherhood arrives in the vicinity of the suspected hill, the Fang, and begin to scout.
6th: The Brotherhood locates an Orc attack tunnel late in the day.
7th: The Brotherhood enters via an old Orc attack tunnel, and run into countless fights with Orcs, Trogs, and striges, and Virren is badly wounded. They capture another giant lizard (they name it Smelly) , and clear the entrance level and most of another, losing Sol amd Darion in the process (during a stirge attack they fell into an underground river and were swept away into the unknown). The Brotherhood withdraws out of the complex for a long rest.
8th: The Brotherhood re-enters the complex; they engage Duergar, and Syn is badly wounded; for the first time the Brotherhood's standard falls.  They fight their way through the rest of the foundry area, and both Syn and Tobias are badly wounded.
9th: The Brotherhood re-enters the complex, and encounter Nightscale, a young female black dragon. Syn, Virren, Tobias, Tanston, Stolas and Muradin are badly wounded, Muradin twice. They recover the hoard, harvest the corpse, and withdraw to the surface to rest.
10th: The Brotherhood belatedly realize that the outpost of an organized force would be missed, and that a Five Spikes response force was in the area. They head west through the mountains.
11th: The Brotherhood swings southwesterly to try to reach the road.
12th: In the evening the Brotherhood reaches the road.
21st: The Brotherhood reaches Luskan.
28th: The Brotherhood reaches Daggerford, where Virren and Braxiss find out that failing to maintain correspondence can be costly. Ermirig brings news of their investments, and the Brotherhood invests another thousand gold to maintain their investment in the wagon project. Virren and Braxiss buy into an herbalism project (40%). Virren's wife Gilwynn takes employment with Ermirig on the project. The Brotherhood takes down time.

27th: The Brotherhood resumes operations. Ermirig reports that the wagon project has fallen through, but offers the Brotherhood an opportunity to move their investment into an airship project by going to Chult and obtaining air current charts and a heater unit for hot air balloons.

VI. Kythorn
12th: The Brotherhood arrives in Port Nyanzaru, Chult.
14th: The Brotherhood sets off to search for Thasse Landra with Musharib as a guide.
16th: Musharib reveal that he is no guide, and strikes a new deal involving the lost hold of Hrakamar.
18th: The Brotherhood reaches Hrakamar and wipe out the Rage garrison. They load a fortune in adamantine ingots and depart.
24th: Musharib leads the Brotherhood to a smugglers' base.
26th: The Brotherhood returns to the port and ships the adamantine bck to Daggerford. Hew confronts Muradin, and extracts the promise of a boon in return for not naming a clan-Grudge.

VII. Flamerule
2nd: The Brotherhood sets off into the jungle with Hew and Shago as guides.
4th: The Brotherhood is attacked in their night camp by Undead; Muradin was badly wounded. The Brotherhood encountered a new form of Undead: Spike Zombies.
8th: The Brotherhood loots an abandoned Nightstalker camp.
15th: The Brotherhood spot what they think is the Heart of Ubtao. Tobias, Braxiss, Transton, and Syn investigate and encounter a Elfin necromancer (Valindra Shadowmantle), and kill her and her guard.
25th: The Brotherhood finds the crash site, and recover the need items. That evening a terrible storm rolls in.
27th: The storm ends, but the Brotherhood is attacked by another band of Undead. Tobias and Braxiss are badly wounded.

VIII. Elerias
2nd: The Brotherhood returns to their canoes.
13th: The Brotherhood passes Camp Vengeance.
23th: The Brotherhood finally reaches Port Nyanzaru and take down time.

IX. Eleint
2nd: The Brotherhood sets forth by ship on the Lucky Lady.
6th: They are dropped off in southern Chult.
19th: After some navigational difficulties, they locate Omu, and enter, quickly becoming embroiled in heavy fighting in a toxic atmosphere.
20th: The brutal, room-by-room fight continues in Omu as the Brotherhood is pitted against numerous opponents.
21st: The Brotherhood makes a final push and fight their way to the vampire Zotzilaha's tomb, which they loot. A horrible stinking wind disturbs them as they finish the looting.

X. Marpenoth
5th: The Brotherhood reaches the pick-up point.
6th: The Lady Luck arrives to pick up the Brotherhood
9th: The Lady Luck is sunk by an undead whale. The ship's runes notify the owners of its loss.
11th: The Brotherhood washes ashore in two separated groups; the standard was lost along with their pack animals.
15th: One group of the Brotherhood locates the pack lizards. The other group makes contact with local tribesmen. 
16th: The same group reunites with the hippogriffs and Wallace. The 'griffs lead them to local tribesmen and the captain of the Lucky Lady.
17th: The Brotherhood prepares for an insane plan.
18th: Skurngar steals a T-rex egg and lead its mother in a six-mile chase (using scrolls and magic beans) that ends in the Ginge pirate camp, where the enraged dinosaur kills the pirates, leaving the Brotherhood in control of the Black Wind and the Brotherhood standard.
19th: After long discussion, the Brotherhood decides they cannot defeat the remaining Ginge/tribal force. They gather a variety of fertilized dinosaur eggs to preserve the ecosystem.
20th: The  Brotherhood sets sail. 
28th: The Brotherhood reaches Port Nyanzaru.
29th: The  Brotherhood leaves Port Nyanzaru. 

XI. Uktar
13th: The Brotherhood arrives back in Daggerford, and discover that they were reported dead when the ship sank. They take down time to rest and to deal with their legal issues, securing 20% of the airship project in lieu of te wagon project. Virren's wife informs him that he not adventuring anymore.

XII. Nightal
1st: Tobias buys 22 shares, Stolas buys 20 shares, Skurngar buys 2 shares in Ermig's privateer expedition
8th: The Brotherhood sets out.
15th: The Brotherhood reaches Grudd Haugh.
18th: The Brotherhood storms the lower regions of Grudd Haugh. In heavy fighting, they clear the level, and Muridin and Skurngarr kill Uzok Saberfang. An extremely rare (and arcanely locked) storage crystal found on Uzok's body raises many questions. They storm into the upper reaches, and engage in a massive fight, in which everyone but Stolas is wounded, and Muradin, Braxiss, Syn, and Virren are badly wounded. The rescue a Halfling shepherd Roderik Hilltopple.
19th: Muradin decides to  colonize Grudd Haug. They secure the hold while they purchase the land, and hire mercs and peasants.
26th: Brann unifies the clan before reporting that Muradin is alive. The clan puts two conditions: Brann must be Bannerlord, and Muradin was not to try to retake the clan hold withot a majority vote.
27th: The Brotherhood moves on.


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