Stolas Higgins

Wizard, Company Librarian


I was born in Liam’s Hold to a loving family. Anna and Jacob, my mother and father, and two older brothers, Pierce and Sorgrin. We lived in a small house tending to fields and livestock. At an early age my family noticed I was meant for more than the farmers life. They worked day and night to give me opportunities they didn’t have.

When I was seven they had saved up enough gold to send me to school in Daggerfall. That’s where my search for knowledge started. I was like a sponge, absorbing everything I could. I stayed in Daggerfall till I was ten years old, but I grew home sick. So I left the school and returned home.

Back in Liam’s Hold I began putting what I had been given to use. I started teaching the other kids of the village how to read and write. I would take the money I was making a trade with travelers and bravo groups for new knowledge. They would tell me their stories or sell me books. I learned advanced mathematics and new languages from these trades.

My life changed when I was 15. A bravo group, The Pyre Knights, came through town. The night after they arrived was the first time we had ever been raided. They had a squad from The New Horde following them after they attacked a camp of theirs. I remember the screams waking me. Looking out my window to the town square, That’s when I saw Sophie. Reading from a book, octarine flashes from her hands, lighting up the night. I can see why most people blame the bravo groups for the bad things that happen, but to me it was a wake up call. Darkness was coming and we were woefully unprepared to defend ourselves. I think we were lucky to have them there. Yea, had they not lead the group to our doors this attack wouldn’t have happened, but if they weren’t there when the next one came we wouldn’t be here now.

After the fighting had finished I begged her to teach me. At that time, she couldn’t take on an apprentice, but for the next few days she scribed down some of her spell book and showed me the basics. I spent the next four years practicing what she showed me. With darkness closing in, it was time I found a safer place for my family. They had given me so much in my early life, it was time for me to do my part. So I headed off to Daggerfall to join a bravo company.

Stolas Higgins

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