Dark Age

DA 175

I. Hammer
4th The Brotherhood returns to Daggerford.
9th: The Brotherhood arrives in Balor's Gate, learn that Dagult Nevermere was murdered. They head north.
14th: They drop off their animals at Daggerford, and continue to Icewind Dale.
20th: The Brotherhood arrives in Fireshear, and chaters a ship.
21st: The Brotherhood heads out into the Sea of Moving Ice.
24th: The Brotherhood sights Oyaviggaton.
25th: The Brotherhood sets off to explore the huge ice floe. They encounter a tribe of ice hunters, and search for the lair.
26th: The Brotherhood sneaks into the ice caverns below, and engage in a terrible fight with orcs, ice trolls, and ice toads.  Every member is badly wounded, with Muradin, Redzeg, Virren, Syn, and Tanston being critically wounded. They find Maccath, and do battle with Arauthator, who flees after burning an artifact.
30th: The Brotherhood returns to Fireshear.

II. Alturiak
6th: The Brotherhood arrives in Waterdeep.
7th: The Brotherhood does research on the matter at hand.
8th: The Brotherhood arrives in Daggerford. 
9th: Redzeg wipes out  a goat herd, mauls some shepherds, and impregnates the Baron's favorite hunting hound to demonstrate his displeasure with Virren's progress on helping him (zero to date). 
10th: Virren goes before the Baron, and  receives a fine and ten days in jail.
13th: Ermig arranges Virren's release.
20th: Muradin learns that his mother's ivory collection was stolen. Virren goes with his daughter  to hunt 'triangle monsters', and is captured by an outpost of Skaven (unable to fight because to do so would have placed his child in harm's way). The Brotherhood tracks him down, storms the outpost, and rescues the pair. They also slay a Gray Seer and much of his entourage in heavy fighting. They report the outpost to the Ciy Guard.
21st: The Brotherhood establishes that part of an enchanted flute is included in the ivory collection. 
25th: Jobe Eidun joins te Brotherhood.
26th: The Brotherhood resumes operations.

III. Ches
15th: The Brotherhood arrives in the region of Deadstone Cleft. They fight their way through the cleft, capturing a Dwarven tribute wagon and an enchanted keg.
18th: Using the tribute wagon, the Brotherhood returns to Daggerford. There they modify the wagon, work on scrolls, and train. Virren's wife decides to travel on the wagon. Skurngar sells Stinky and Smelly. 
28th: The Brotherhood set off.

IV. Tarsakh
1st: The Brotherhood reaches Luskan. 
5th: The Brotherhood reaches the area of Svardborg. 
6th: The Brotherhood stealths in and secures their flute-piece. Then Virren starts killing white dragon eggs, which brings the mother on them, which draws in giants, yeti, ogres. They dump 90,000cp into the sea to deny them to the Jarl, who was not home.
8th: The Brotherhood returns to Svardborg.
12th: The Brotherhood reaches Daggerford. There they discover that Braxiss might not be whom he claims to be. 
27th: The Brotherhood heads to Waterdeep.
28th: The Brotherhood arrives in Waterdeep. They walk into a Skaven ambush, which they defeat handily. They arrange for a cure for Redzeg.

V. Mirtul
1st: The Brotherhood arrives at the Citadel Adbar. The Stormhammer clan unanimously votes for the recapture of their clan home so long as said recapture or occupation carries with it no obligation of duty or finance.
3rd: The Brotherhood meets with an agent of Duke Zalto and cut a trade for the last piece of the flute.
5th: The Brotherhood makes the trade.
7th: The Brotherhood returns to Citadel Adbar.
8th: The Brotherhood tests the flute, and five members (Muradin, Tobias, Skurngarr, Syn, and Job) find themselves in a strange city; it appears that they need to find three items.
9th: After numerous odd encounters, the Five discover that they have twelve days in which to escape or contain a deadly being; otherwise they (and everyone in the city) are dead.
10th: The Five locate, and study, a book which they believe is one of the three items they must secure.
11th: They continue to investigate, locating a mirror and several important bits of information. 
12th: The Five extract considerable information, and locate the third item. As the clock marches down, they begin to get a feel for the strange environment in which they find themselves.
13th: The Five meets with Grobbets the Spider.
14th: The Five have a second meeting with Grobbets; they upset him, and lose all future interviews. Tobias attempts to enlist She who Wails, and is thrown off a tower in the nicest possible way.
15th:  The Five confront the Darkness; they beat it into near-inertness when Gorbbets showed up and sealed the Darklord into the mirror. The Five rejoin the others and move to Citadel Adbar to rest.
19th: The Brotherhood heads back to Daggerford, stopping to carry away Muradin's son.
21st: The Brotherhood arrives in Daggerford. There they learn that Ermig tracked down both Skurngarr and Job’s nemesis: Jotokk the Unspeakable, Slayer of Heroes. He is a Black Orc who has become the single most powerful Orc alive thanks to an ancient torc he wears. Jotokk sends out  bands of Black Orcs (who worship him as a demigod) to commit atrocities, waiting for bravos or breaker knights to come hunting him. He is somewhere in the Fallen Lands, but Ermig warns that Jotokk is a fearsome foe who has defeated whole bravo companies by himself. Jotokk takes on all comers alone, and is said to be immune to all magic, among other powers granted by the torc he wears.
22nd: The Brotherhood takes down time.
25th: Muradin's son changes his name to Ermig The Younger and shaves his head.
28th: Redzeg resumes Human form.

VI. Kythorn
5th: Ermig locates and obtains the key to the hold.
6th: Skurngarr gets a letter asking for help.
12th: The Brotherhood arrives in Esmeltran.
13th: They infiltrate the Labyrinth of Tears and take out all the in-place creatures, then rescue the sacrifices as they are 'dropped'. They then storm the inner sanctum. They confront Nephalot and slay him, and flee the city with hostages and their families.
14th: Jobe receives a garbled sending from Nissa.
17th: The Brotherhood arrives in Lathtoal's Lantern. After some investigation they recuse Nissa from Koa-Toa, and secured a huge black pearl..
19th: The Brotherhood returns to Daggerford.
25th: Murdain resigns as Clan Chieftain, and acquires the key to the clan hold. He arranges to open the hold, and pays all expenses six months in advance.

VII. Flamerule
5th: Job convinces Nissa to remain in Daggerford.
10th: The Brotherhood sets off. Along the way they stop for two days at the Bronzebeard Hold.
20th: The Brotherhood arrives at the glacier.
21st: The Brotherhood enters the hold, posing as the Black Talons, and offering to trade the location of the Brotherhood of Light for directions to the hold of King Snurre Iron-Belly. They kill the Jarl and his commanders in a long, bloody, fight, loot his quarters, slay a mated pair of dragons, and then slipped away through an escape tunnel.
29th: The Brotherhood drops off the Tribute Wagon at Mithril Hall.

VIII. Elerias
1st: Clan elections are planned. Vulcus and Ermig the Younger are the only two candidates
2nd: The Brotherhood arrives in the vicinity of Snurre's hall. They dupe their way in, slay Snurre, then his Queen, and (eventually) most of the first level guards before taking a rest. After resting, the Brotherhood mounted a series of frontal assaults deeper into the hold, absorbing terrible punishment and expending their full resources, finally running out of steam part-way through the second level. Sir Tobias and Job save a number of non-combatants from slaughter. The Brotherhood discovers that the Muradin's hold is cursed. They rescue the Lady Pvel of the Golden Bough Resistance and her entourage, and Trisa Roof-Runner. They release Beldo of the fire giants with unspecified intentions. Muradin refuses to deal with Boldo, who departs without rallying the remaining giants to stay out of the fight.
3rd: The Brotherhood walks into an ambush en route to the and is quickly and desperately  embattled; Stolas saved the day by contacting Boldo and handing over the crown, which drew away about half the ambush force. After desperate fighting, the Brotherhood prevails, although the Rakshassa escaped. Tanston rescued Muradin from several certain deaths, while Virren single-handedly drove off Brazzemal the Dire (adult red dragon), inflicting what would turn out to be terminal wounds. Although the Brotherhood has failed to clear the entire hold, the group withdraws to safety.
4th: Brazzemal the Dire dies from a combination of ill-advised planning and the wounds inflicted upon him by Virren.
5th: The Brotherhood reaches Mithril Hall, and rests.
12th: Stolas is recognized as a Friend of the Golden Bough. 
13th: The Brotherhood resumes operations.
14th: Clan elections are held. Vulcus is elected by one vote. In recognition of this he appoints Ermig the Younger as clan chieftain of the subordinate Bronzebeard clan. Ermig the Younger sets the Bronzebeard clanhold as Draggerford, and opens the clan to any bravo or small business who will stand as comrades against the depredations of Four and the Two, and to serve as a bulwark for the helpless and the needy in these days of strife. Ermig the Younger proclaims Skurngarr a Grudgebreaker for his restoration of the Bronzebeard clan's honor in combat; Skurngarr graciously accepts membership in the new clan. Trisa Roof-Runner joins the Bronzebeard clan, as do six others (three Humans, two Hill Dwarves, and a Halfling), the latter members coming by way of the various Brassbeard concessions (headquartered at number Three Berry Lane, Daggerford). Ermig the Younger dedicates a portion of the fees to a fund to assist members of the Stormhammer clan.
15th: Brotherhood arrives at Muradin's Hold.
20th: Brotherhood sets off for Waterdeep.
21st: Brotherhood arrives in Waterdeep.
22nd: Job investigate his brother. 
24th: The Brotherhood heads for Daggerford.
26th: The Brotherhood reaches Daggerford. Virren and Skurngarr buy homes. Job and Nissa join the Bronzebeard clan. 
27th: Syn begins a campaign to ingratiate himself with the power structure of Daggerford via social interplay.

IX. Eleint
1st: Skurngarr proposes to Syere, who accepts. Braxiss discovers, and begins the cure.
4th: Stolas bought four houses on the newly-renamed Brotherhood of Light way; Job and Syn also buy homes. (10 of 10 are owned by party members).
16th: Job and Nissa are married.
18th: Skurngarr and Syere are married.
25th: The Brotherhood sets off to confront Jotokk the Unspeakable.
28th: Job and Skurngarr defeat the Orog in three rounds of bloody combat.

X. Marpenoth
1st: The Brotherhood returns to Daggerford, where they discover that news of the curse has impacted the workers and guards at Muradin's hold. The Brotherhood obtains background information on the curse.
3rd: The Brotherhood establishes what they need to do.
4th: Syn is approached by Baron Grase with an offer for Syn to spearhead to develop a cultural center for Daggerford,  and then to manage it once it is built. The center will host concerts, plays, operas, and art displays. It is intended to be operated as a non-profit concern to promote the image of Daggerford and to draw businesses and wealthy individuals away from other cities, especially Waterdeep. The position of director of the project would carry with it considerable social clout and an annual stipend of 4000 gp per year. 
10th: The Brotherhood sets forth.
11th: The Brotherhood arrives. They spend hours in a labyrinth filled with traps, secret doors, and teleporting portals until they encounter Acerak, and in a short but bitter fight they slay the lich, taking heavy wounds while doing so. Braxss seals off the entrance to te tomb after they exit.
12th: The Brotherhood returns to Daggerford. Muradin returns to building up hold; Tobias and Virren lay plans to raise an army. Braxiss works to sanctify a woodlands near the hold.  Syn has his position in Daggerford and will act as Tobias' face man. Skurngarr plans to tour Ermig's holdings, and then will help Tobias. Tanston retires to research in the Great Library.  Stolas devotes himself to his real estate empire. Job and Nissa plan to spend half his time smithing in Muradin's hold, and and the rest with Ermig and his brother.


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