The weird and wonderful things heard at the table.

"That's loot if I ever saw it." Stolas, regarding an ornate coffin.

"That's racist." Tanston, to Sol when they rescue a Gnome.

"Two of them were talking shit earlier." Tanston, regarding having wounded five party members with one spell.

"That was a wrymling! Shut up!" Syn to Skurngarr.

"First genius out this clan I've met…" Tobias.

"I've had baths; I want to be bathed." Sol.

"Well, that's it for him." Tobias, losing interest in the 'fallen Dwarf' incident.

"I'm dealing with some bright apples here." Redzeg.

"Why is the wall screaming at me?" Skurngarr, encountering a Magic Mouth.

"No matter what, I'll make it out." Syn, in the Foundry.

'I don't heal stupid.Syn.

'Stop squirming!' Skurngarr to Syn, as the latter was being crushed by a Rug of Smothering.

'I come from a long line of people.' Skurngarr, regarding his ability to judge bridge construction.

'Not my best idea, but it worked.' Muradin, regarding challenging the wounded dragon Nightscale.

'We've already established that your job can be done by an unseen servant.' Tanston to Syn.

'Once we leave the cave Syn was in charge and I was against the deal.' Tobias, at the Earthmote expedition.

'I hope I at least have the satisfaction of seeing all of you die first.' Syn, as Undead attack after weathering a cyclone

'When in doubt, ask yourself: what would Hew do?' Skurngarr

'They're his equal in height and intelligence.' Syn, comparing Muradin and fire beetles.

'It wasn't in an ominous place at all.' Tobias.

'You want me to go put it back oooorrrrrrrrrr…'  Skurngar, after picking up an ominous gem.

'I lack motivation, let's walk in and out until it looks like Muradin.' Tobias.

'We hit something?Tanston, after the undead whale strike on the Lady Luck.

'I'm alive!' Syn, waking up on the beach.

'I'm in charge!' Skurngard, waking up on the beach.

'Did anyone see that?' Virren, after an attack by a pteranodon.

'Just because we've murdered every evil thing we hve encountered doesn't mean we can't start out cordial.' Tobias, outside Grudd Haugh.

'Nooooooooooooo!!!' Tobias, as Skurngarr rages into the Hill giant line.

'So now we know: no more Gnomes in the party.' Muradin, after meeting Maccath.

'This is why his brother is in charge.' Stolas, berating Muradin and Virren.

"There was the option to talk to them…" Stolas, after they killed a stone giant at Deadstone Cleft.

'I don't want to say that to them, they're my friends!' Syn to Muradin during a negotiation with two Stone Giants.

'You guys don't think enough.' Job.

'Owls are not naive to this region.' Skurngarr.

'Same thing, innit !?!' Skurngarr, about harvesting a dragon.

'I feel cursed every day he is in the party.' Tobias, about Braxiss.

"I'm not sure what a book is." Skurngarr.

"This is the worst bar ever" Skurngarr, in the Great Library in Waterdeep.

'You don't know what sort of potential he has!' Virren, defending Redzeg.

'I coulda done better.' Skurngarr, after Syn plays the flute.

'Stay out of my room and stop going through my things.' Job to Tobias.

'Quiet corpses are my favorite.' Syn.

'I, too, am an artist.' Skurngarr.

'At least she has goals; that's more than I have.' Syn, regarding the woman building a tower of corpse-bricks in order to reach the stars.

'I like roses, they smell pretty.' Job, upon meeting Rosa the Bone Witch.

'Everything looks like a mountain when you are a mole,' Tobias, to Job. 'Average intelligence is what we're looking at here.'

'Why am I only hearing about this now?' Skurngarr, upon hearing of the Weeping Labyrinth.

'Why can't they fight chickens or dogs like normal people?' Syn

'I hate you all.' Job shares his feelings.

'Those were Koa Toa; cows are bigger and moo.' Skurngarr.

'You need to have faith in people.' Skurngarr.

'…sledding accident when I was a kid.' Disturbing fragment overhead from Stolas.

'I bathe, sometimes.' Skurngarr, regarding fighting dirty.

'I've been to several libraries; I know how they work.' Skurngarr.

'Not having armor sucks! How have you guys lived so long?' Tobias, in the liche's domain.

'The dead guy's pointig to it…' Skurngarr arguing to try a vapor-filled arch.

'If I could find a Human midget, I'd go for her, too.' Job, sharing.


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