Third Dagger

The Brotherhood slew the white dragon wrymling Calcryx in I-174. It was a hard fight in while the baby dragon acquitted itself well. Laking the proper materials, the Brotherhood only took its head and claws.


The Brotherhood slew the young female black dragon Nightscale in IV-174. It was a terrible fight during which six party members went down, one twice. The Brotherhood was able to harvest much of Nightscale.


The Brotherhood slew Isendruag (right), an adult white female dragon in III-175, in the frozens berg of Svardborg. It was a brutal fight in which four party members went down, and every party member was wounded. 


 Nephalot the High Priest: (Mummy Lord, left) was slain by the Brotherhood in a brutal close-quarter fight after the bravos infiltrated his Labyrinth of Tears. They had slain his life-anchor (unknowingly) earlier. 


King Snurre Iron-Belly, (right) king of the northern Fire Giants, was killed in VIII-175 by the Brotherhood in his own Hall.

Brazzemal the Dire, (left) an adult red dragon, was slain by Virren in single (ranged) combat, although the dragon did not actually perish until a day later. Nevertheless, by all accounting it remains an unassisted kill for the Ranger.


Jotokk the Unspeakable (right), maker and slayer of heroes, was  slain in bitter melee by Skurngarr and Job in IX-175.



Third Dagger

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